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     Bray Fast Freight, LLC is an over the road trucking company that began in 2010 by sole member, Joey Bray.  We have 16 trucks (all newer Peterbilt and Freightliners) and 16 refrigerated trailers.  We haul chicken, produce, and some pharmaceutical loads to the west and northwest then back into the Arkansas area where we are located. We also deliver to Mississippi and Tennessee.

     Joey has been trucking since he was 14 years old.  He first started at SilicaTransport, Inc. where his dad worked as a dispatcher.  Joey first did maintenance and loading after school and on weekends. He learned his backing skills when they started letting him move their trucks on the property.

      He continued to work for them while he was in college at UCA getting a marketing degree.  He came home to Mt. Pleasant on the weekends and took loads to Memphis which started his driving career.  He and his wife, Shelia, then began driving for McNeil Trucking hauling cattle in the summer and produce in the winter.  He moved into the office in January of 1984 and started his current career as dispatcher.  He bought 3 Kenworths in 1989 and leased them to McNeil for a short time.  He went from there with his trucks to J-Mar in 1991 to dispatch.  It was during this time that he made a lot of business contacts with several produce companies across the country.

     He settled into his current position as west coast coordinator and marketing for Bill Davis Trucking, Inc. in 2004.  There, he was able to grow his own trucking company to its current size of 14 trucks and 16 trailers and form a partnership that has allowed BD/BFF to increase both of their customer bases.  BD and BFF currently have a trailer interchange agreement.

      Bray Fast Freight, LLC operates under our own authority with a Satisfactory Safety Rating.  We won the Arkansas Trucking Association Corporate Fleet Safety Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Becky Beasley joined Joey in 2014 as Office Manager, Safety Director, and HR.  She previously had 16 years experience in trucking safety.  She was the first woman to become the Arkansas Trucking Association’s Safety Director of the year in 2003 and again in 2004.  It was noted that she was also the first woman to achieve this honor in the nation.  Currently, Becky does driver payroll and handles the DOT safety and compliance, hiring, as well as other HR duties.  

      Our full time drivers enjoy benefits such as 100% of their health insurance paid by the company.  Family insurance, dental, vision, and AFLAC plans are also available.  Drivers receive a week of vacation after one year of full time employment and two weeks after two or more years.  They also receive $25 for extra pick up and drop pay and get to drive new equipment.  Team drivers are eligible for a 3 cent mileage bonus each month. 

     Bray Fast Freight, LLC in partnership with Bill Davis Trucking, Inc. hauls chicken out of Batesville, Arkansas and Heavener, OK and delivers to Oregon, Washington and California.  Produce is then loaded in Washington, California, and Arizona and taken to Missouri, and Tennessee, Mississippi.   We have 13 teams of drivers and a few single drivers who make regional runs delivering or picking up loads for the teams.  We are proud members of the Arkansas Trucking Association (ATA) and the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC). 

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